He who would travel happily must travel light. – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

How to travel with less to experience more.

Wanderlust. That lure, when you see a photo on Instagram of a friend, or even of someone we don’t know that we follow, who’s traveling the world. We feel that pull to roam. We’re not doing it to run away,

One of the best ways to grow and experience life is to go some place new and explore a new culture, or a new way of life. It can change your perspective on everything you do when you step outside of your daily comfort zone, and take paths less traveled, or even heavily populated tourist spots. By immersing yourself in a new environment, hearing different languages, and sampling different foods, you can awaken your sense of wonder and discovery, inspiring you to make small — or big — changes in your life.

Living in a travel trailer full-time, no matter where we travel, our home stays the same. This makes it easy to not have to think about what to pack, and I know we always have everything with us. The challenge with this, is that since everything is hauled with  David’s Toyota Tundra, we can’t store anything excess, and we have to consider how much things weigh, on top of how much space they occupy in our rv.

When we traveled cross-country to Maine, by plane, I chose to pack bags that we wouldn’t have to check, since we had connecting flights, and I wanted to make sure our luggage got there when we did (after having bags delivered to me a day later — twice — it created more peace of mind to not check bags.) This would have me looking at how many shoes I could fit in my bag, and how to get my toiletries into those requisite airline-approved 4 oz. bottles. It made me reconsider the beauty products I was using, and how I could simplify for airline travel.

What I found after doing without, was that I didn’t even use all of the clothes I had brought with me. I saw I needed less than I thought I did to be comfortable, or to feel prepared. Travel is an excellent opportunity to experiment with living with less and see how it feels. Are you only wanting to wear the same couple of items? Do you want to reinvent yourself and have a wardrobe that inspires you more?

When we backpacked in Thailand for a month, many years ago, I found myself letting go of clothes along the way. The experience shaped me. I played with new colors, buying clothing in local shops, and letting go of parts of myself that had changed. Get out of your comfort zone. Let go of something. Try something new. Swing out and see what your life could be with less.

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