Your stuff does not make you enough. There is not one more piece of clothing, one more knick knack, or one more new lipstick color that will make you a better person than you are right now. You, right now, exactly as you are today, are enough.

Now, you may be instantly feeling resistance to this idea. You might be saying things to yourself like “but isn’t the goal to always do better, have more, be more?” Well, what if having more actually diminished your worth. What if you found yourself surrounded in a large house, full of shiny things, and you felt more inadequate than ever?

The key to a fulfilling life is with nothing or no item outside of you. You are enough. Just you. Naked. Alone. With all your faults, and freckles, and scars. With many of the things that you think make you not adequate, I assure you, that most people won’t notice. That one part of your life you try to cover up, gets noticed more when you try to cover it up, than when you embrace it, and own it exactly as it is.

For example, I have multiple scars on my arms due to surgery I underwent after an auto accident. The scars are over 20 years old, and no longer red and raw as they were initially. They blend in, but are still very visible up close. I used to purchase special makeup to cover these scars up. I thought that these marks made me inadequate. I felt ugly, and flawed.

What I learned, however, was that most people thought my scars were cool. They were marks that I had experienced life in a big way, and that I had a great story to tell. They added character, and garnered respect. To the one or two people that had a negative reaction to them, well, fuck them. Why was I trying to please people like them anyway?