How I work out living full-time in an RV.

Living in a small space can present challenges to working out. Thanks to a couple of apps on our Apple TV, and walks in the country, I have found a way to workout without ever having to leave the trailer. Having a dog gets me up and out in the morning, and walking under the smell of fresh pine air is a great way to start my day.

After I walk, I workout in our trailer. The layout of our trailer has enough room for 2 yoga mats to be placed, so we could both work out at the same time if we wanted to.  See more on our rig specifications here. 

To keep things simple, and drop a gym membership while traveling, I started researching bodyweight workouts, where there was no gym equipment needed. These workouts focus on balance, and strength, all without equipment. Through a combination of pushups, planks, situps, and squats, this gave the starting point for the minimal no impact small space workout.

Wanting to raise my cardio a bit more, I turned to an App called Stryve. It is $4.99 a month, keeps track of your workouts, and you can opt for 8-minute or 25-minute workouts from each session. The music is an electronic mix that keeps you motivated, without being too cheesy. You can even turn off the music if you want to use your own. This workout combines bodyweight exercises with some cardio power moves like running in place that get your heart rate up and into the fat burning zone. Doing this in the trailer poses the interesting challenge of rocking the trailer on the high impact moves, but I learned that the trailer can handle this, and once I got over that feeling of being like Godzilla, storming through the city, I went with it and enjoyed the full-body workout.

To balance out the cardio for stress relief and stretching, I use the  Asana Rebel app for yoga. I am trading off days between the cardio workouts in Stryve, and the core strengthening and flexibility enhancing benefits of yoga. Asana Rebel is easy to follow, even for a beginner, and is focused more on the poses themselves, than the spiritual benefits. I like the neutral take on yoga, so I can really focus on my own practice. If you want to tap deeper into the spiritual part of yoga, I recommend the Gaia yoga app, which includes more mantras.


All I need is a yoga mat to complete these workouts. It rolls up and tucks away. In addition to the mat, I also have a small foam roller to work out the kinks in my back, neck, and legs. I use an exercise band for arm exercises, simulating weight lifting. This is really all you need for a small space workout.