A couple of years ago, struggling with what I was doing professionally, feeling stressed out, and not loving my 9 to 5 job, I began to design a new life for myself. Some surprising turns showed up along the way, but to look at where I was two years ago, and where I am now, I realize that I have been working toward a life that inspires me, where I feel the freedom to live anywhere, work anywhere, or to not leave the house at all, and still be productive and prosperous.

Mobility is becoming increasingly easy. We get tired of driving in traffic to collect a paycheck, or showing up for a schedule that does not inspire us. If you are passionate about a business, like consulting, life coaching, or writing, and would love to work anywhere in the world, it is possible. It does mean you have to light your own fire under your bum, and with all the freedom that 24 hours can hold, you still need to find ways to structure your day that work for you, so you can get those amazing things you love doing — done!

  • Get your email mobile: I recommend a gmail account to start with, since it also allows you to use Google docs, Google voice, and your YouTube™ channel. You can have your other email addresses forwarded to your G-Mail™ account, but it makes one easy place to check everything. You can sync up laptops with iPads™, with mobile phones.
  • Stay away from putting things on paper:Use a program like Ever Note™, so that you can have access wherever you go to what you want to remember.
  • Don’t run out of juice: Make sure to keep phone or laptop chargers with you when you travel. That way, your great idea will not be thwarted by a low battery warning.
  • Get your calendar mobile: Stop using a paper datebook. Make it as easy as possible to sync up all your calendars, and your appointment setting software.
  • Pare down: They say “you can’t take it with you,” and …. “they” are right. Get rid of clutter. If you wanted to live simply, and travel frequently, minimize. Less stuff to worry about.
  • Use a WiFi locator: There are some great apps and services that tell you where the nearest mobile hotspots are, so that you can just hop off the road and write that blog or web page.
  • Back up through the cloud: You won’t be worried that chapter 1 of that novel you are working on is on a hard drive in your storage unit while you are writing on your laptop on a beach in Bali.